Friday, July 19, 2013

Eurocon (Review 1)

     Eurocon is a UK based indie game company, who recently developed Goldeneye 007 for Wii in 2010. The game was an amazing HD experience, as opposed to its also epic N64 adventures. Its hard to believe that a company like Eurocon has been around as long as it has, it began making video games back in 2004, with their first release: Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy for Xbox and Playstation 2. Very nice company to deal with, and awesome indie games to play.

     Not sure if this company counts as a rating but (0% - 100%):


And Yet It Moves (Review 1)

          And Yet It Moves is a PC and Wii title that takes advantage of the Wii motion ability. This game can tend to be repetitive and is hard to control for some players. The game is about a man, who is adventuring through a series of twisted, physics based levels, which are built out of ripped paper and forms a kind of collage. The overall sales of the game were essentially low, and the developers were disappointed by it's lack of acceptance. The game is fun for those who like to sit in a chair or couch for hours and play a endless brain-tiring puzzle. Momentum and gravity are what make the game the challenge, and the idea of the game was terrific. It could have been developed better and much more fun, perhaps with better enemies than rocks, tree limbs, or Venus Fly Traps.

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World of Goo (Review 1)

     A notable game. This indie game was released on Wii and Apple products, as well as a few other platforms. The game is about a post-apocalyptic product called goo balls, who are alive and conscious. You must attempt to play through a huge selection of levels, and get the gooballs to a drain pipe and to freedom, by attaching them together to form bridges, buildings, and other structures. A puzzle game of sorts, created by 2D BOY. The art syle of thee game is amazing and the only downfall of the game is some of the levels are hard to see, and therefore hard to play through. Most levels are playable and addicting, and enjoyable for the whole family!

     We give this game (0% - 100%) :

Fancy Pants Adventures (Review 1)

    The story of a blonde kid wearing orange pants! Simple enough, and yet, such a complicated rating. The game was created by Brad Borne of Borne Games, who created the video game using Adobe Flash. The game has been through 3 quick stories, but each are different with such outrageous characters like a bunny who steals ice cream, a general bobble head, and a bathtub pirate crew! The game has relatively simple controls, and the smooth animations and levels were created with precise art styles, and sort of reminds me of a hand drawn on paper stick figure adventure. The ones we all used to make in 3rd grade.

    The first game, as with most episodic movies and games, was the worst. I say that with respect and with honor, though, as it was a good game, but simply was not as smooth as the later installments. This is what happens with most, though, as they get better making games, making movies. It simply gets better.

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Marble Hornets (Review 1)

    The Marble Hornets YouTube video series is a show series you don't want to miss. It takes you within the inner parts of the Slenderman mythos, which were partly shaped by this vieo series! The shocking thrills you might expect from a trhiller movie, all within this entertaining display of a video diary.

     The series is based upon the ideas of Troy Wagner, who plays as Jay. Jay records most of the footage throughout the series, as he follows the trails of his old friend Alex, who mysteriously disappeared after he quit working on his college student film, "Marble Hornets". Jay has many encounters with enemies from the conspiracy, including an enigmatic masked man and a hooded figure. The masked man, commonly referred to as Masky, has been identified as Tim, an actor from the cancelled movie. The story's main antagonist is Slenderman, a character that has very little is known about him. Alex is tormented by this character and is going insane from paronoia, vomiting, and has even killed a man in the series. Troy is an independent director and producer, who created the series back in 2009. The story as of July 19, 2013 has 73 "Entires" into the video diary.

      As for a direct rating on the series, on a scale of 0% - 100%, the score is: